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Our Process


We clean and prepare asphalt surface using wire brooms and industrial blowers. Any sidewalk chalk, mulch piles, or caked-on mud must be removed by owner.


We edge and scrape all sides of the blacktop to ensure thorough adhesion on the perimeter of the driveway. 

Crack Filling

Trowel grade crack filler will be applied to cracks greater than 1/4 inch wide.  Up to 25 ft of cracks are included in the price unless otherwise noted. Extensive cracking will require an additional charge.  We do not fill the expansion joints between the concrete and blacktop, but this can be filled at an additional cost. However, it is often not necessary to fill this gap in our experience.

Seal Coating

Commercial Grade Sealer with anti-skid additive is hand brushed for a thick coat. Driveway is blocked off using wooden stakes and marking tape. Please allow sealer to cure for at least 48 hours before driving vehicle on driveway.

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